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Model kits, which require assembly, depicting "mobile suits" (mechas) from all Gundam series. Assembled models are articulated and highly detailed. All parts are already molded in the right colors, so it's not necessary to paint them, and they are designed to fit together without need for glue.
The manuals are characterized by illustrations that ...

  • 1/48 Scale - Mega Size
    1/48 Scale - Mega Size

    Spectacular 1/48 scale Mega Size models, featuring huge dimensions (they are the largest gunpla models currently on the market) but great assembly simplicity, too: parts can be easily removed from sprues by hand or with help of a special included separator tool. They are suitable for everyone, also for beginners.
    Glue is not required and the parts are pre-colored.
    The height of the models, once built, varies approximately from 37 cm to 45 cm, depending on the model kit!

  • 1/60 Scale - Perfect Grade
    1/60 Scale - Perfect...

    Here you'll find all the detailed Perfect Grade model kits dedicated to the most demanding enthusiasts.
    These 1/60 scale models, once assembled, stand approximately 30 cm tall (depending on the model kit) and constitute the utmost expression of this hobby for the high number of parts, the quality of the joints and the manic care of each detail. They all come with a full inner frame and, depending on the model, some of them could feature LEDs, screws, springs and/or other metal parts.
    Gunpla models of this category are the most complex, and it takes a few days to assemble them, but anyone can build a Perfect Grade Gunpla: you just have to follow the steps depicted on the included manual.
    Glue not required. The parts are pre-colored.

  • 1/100 Scale - Master Grade, RE/100, IBO series...
    1/100 Scale - Master...

    Master Grade, Reborn-One Hundred and Iron-Blooded Orphans series Gunpla model kits.
    Main features of these 1/100 scale Bandai models are the many details, the mobility of the joints and the final size (approximately 18 cm in height, depending on the models). Model kits of the Master Grade line come all with an inner frame and are ideal for enthusiasts with a minimum of experience... but they are also suitable for those who'd like to start with a challenge both stimulating and rewarding.
    The models require assembly, but glue is not needed and the parts are pre-colored.

  • 1/144 scale - High Grade and Real Grade
    1/144 scale - High...

    High Grade and Real Grade: two Gunpla categories of the same size but with different features, to suit all tastes.
    In both cases, assembled mobile suits stand approximately 13cm tall, depending on the models.
    These are 1/144 scale Bandai model kits requiring assembly, but glue is not needed and the parts are pre-colored.

  • SD Gundam - no grade models
    SD Gundam - no grade...

    Non scale Gunpla models by Bandai, characterized by an irresistible "super deformed" (SD) look: a different and witty way to portray your favorite mobile suits.
    Model kits of this category have affordable prices and are extremely easy to build: they are within reach of anyone! Ideal as gifts, too!
    Another distinctive feature of SD models is that their limbs, heads and accessories can easily be assembled and disassembled, allowing to easy combine different kits to get new custom models! A really simplified kitbashing experience!
    "Ex-Standard" Gunpla models further expand this concept, as they are equipped with parts and accessories that are compatible with High Grade models! They are also equipped with renewed joints which give them considerable mobility, despite the seemingly awkward appearance.
    The last frontier in this gunpla category are "SD Gundam Cross Silhouette" (SDCS) model kits. Those models feature an internal frame (a skeleton) which can be replaced by another cross silhouette frame, taller and with more joints, to give the gunpla a more slender look and to make it even more poseable!
    Assembled models are about 8 cm tall, they don't require glue and the parts are molded in color.

  • Builders Parts
    Builders Parts

    Bandai Builders Parts and add-ons to help you customize Gunpla models according to your taste and make them really unique: weapons, components, hands, leds, stands, action bases, effect parts, detail parts and much more!

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